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Seacoast MA, NH and ME.

We use a Mackie DL32r digital mixer to run FOH and Monitor mixes.  All of which are run on a private wireless network via Apple iPad’s and iPhone’s.

Mackie DL32r Digital Mixer
Mackie DL32r Digital Mixer
    • This mixer has 32 microphone input channels and 12 monitor out channels.

For FOH (front of House)  We use Electro-Voice Evolve50  Line Arrays

    • These systems are a 1000 watts per side with a 12″ sub woofer built in. 
    • The array is partially angled down to provide sound not just straight out front but also down so people seated can hear the great sound as well. 
    • Dispersion is 120 degrees horizontally.
Evolve50M Line Array
Evolve50 Line Array


To compliment the low end I add QSC Ks112 Powered Subs at 2000 watts.





Our prices are competitive starting at $225.00  per show for FOH, Monitors, Microphones and Engineer

Walk in jobs with my mixer start at $150.00


The B street Bombers 11 – piece horn band

Disco Dream – 9 piece Disco Tribute band

Magic Bus Tour– a Who Tribute band

Lee Lewis and the All stars

Here are a number of videos of bands I mix at the Hampton Falls NH Bandstand each summer.  The mix is off the board.

Counterfeit Cash

Power of Love – Huey Lewis Tribute Band

Abraxas – Santana Cover band

Ultimate Soul

Petty Larceny -Tom Petty Tribute Band

Pieces of Eight 9.1.2022