Show Recordings

My Mackie DL32r board allows me two different ways to record your board.

The first is a direct front mix including all effects and channel adjustments. This comes off the front end of the board in a stereo mix.  You provide me with a device that accepts 1/4″ or mini 1/8″ connections and I will send the feed to it.

This is free of charge.

The second and more detailed way this board records is to DAW.

This board will record onto an external hard drive that you provide.  The recording must then be imported into a DAW program.  At that point you get every channel that was being used in a raw signal level.  This means it is the level that hit the board after the trim control.  The recording is pre all EQ and effects.  This allows you to take the basic tracks and edit them to your choosing.  It is just like getting the basic recording imputes in a studio.  You can then make your own final recording at home on your computer.

Furthermore I can record the recording right from my iPad so I can break the recordings down into single songs for you.  This will save you a lot of time in mix down.

Fee is $25 and the band must provide their own Western Digital or similar external hard drive.

Chris Parker Sound